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Key to Real Estate - Buy, Sell, Rent, Invest + Property Management

Key to Real Estate, Property Management & Rentals!

It is Katherine Chaffin, Broker/Owner of XTROV Realty, LLC reaching out to say "Hello" and "Thank You" for visiting our site.   We hope to be of assistance to you soon!  

Our Valued Clients- sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants & investors; Interesting Properties- both Rentals and those on the market For Sale; plus the XTROV Team of caring, first-class real estate professionals combine to make every day a great day at XTROV Realty. 

Not a day goes by that we don't solve real estate-related issues making someone's buying / selling / renting / investing experience more successful because of the XTROV difference.  People often ask us, "what does XTROV mean?"  It stands for delivering eXTRaOrdinary Value.  By having our service standard built into our company name, it sets the benchmark for all that we do.

Real Estate takes Specialized Knowledge and Commitment to that Specialization to stand out from the others. 

Our specialty is Residential Real Estate in Montezuma and Dolores counties. 

  • Sales 
  • Purchases
  • Property Management 
  • Rentals

XTROV's 11 Keys to Real Estate Success

  • Proper Pricing
  • XTROV Properties STAND OUT to Buyers and/or Renters 
  • Technology
  • Negotiation of the Details
  • Communication
  • In-House Cleaning, Maintenance and Remodeling
  • Continuous Education
  • Networks
  • Courtesy 
  • Knowledge of the Area
  • Creativity

Please call or stop by the office.  We'd love to hear about and assist you with your real estate goals, plans, and projects!  

The XTROV Team