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I Decided to Become a Better REALTOR

Posted on July 22, 2017 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (8)
July 22, 2017 �?? the Day I Decided to Become a Better REALTOR. My real estate journey began when I bought my first fixer upper in 2002 in Cortez, Colorado. I had recently returned to the area after being away for 20 years. It was on house number two that I became truly hooked on real estate and knew it was what my future would hold. Between then and the real estate market disaster of 2008, with the help of several wonderful people, I successfully completed over 40 real estate transactions. About half involved minor to full remodels and the other were merely financial transactions. Getting funding for real estate in the ways of pre-2008 no longer worked. Needing something to do, I decided to become a REALTOR although I had eschewed the idea previously as unnecessary. It was a great decision. It opened my horizons from solely being a real estate investor. I was now able to help others buy, sell, rent and invest. I built my practice from a property management base. I determined that as a new Agent it was the fastest way to get a lot of experience. I spent my first two years with REMAX, and earned a production award my first full year as a REALTOR. At the first opportunity, which was in two years and one day, I opened XTROV Realty becoming a Broker Owner in August of 2011. I have always been happiest and most successful as the Captain of my own Ship. We rapidly grew our property management and real estate practice. We went through a series of growing pains and continued to learn. Finally, we settled into a core staff of top notch people and then out-grew our office at 303 North Broadway in Cortez. In January of 2016 we moved into our �??forever home�?� at 444 East Montezuma Avenue. 444 needed a lot of remodeling to turn it from a residence and what was once the beloved Wilber�??s Floral into a first-class real estate office. We held our grand opening garden party in June of 2017. We still have lots of work to finish two apartments upstairs and re-do the outside of the building. However, we love working in our new space and sharing it with our clients. We are in the business of �??home�?� and that is how we made our office �?? homelike and welcoming. One of XTROV�??s strengths is we are capable remodelers. Another strength is that we�??ve funded our transactions with our own resources, so we understand the value of money. We treat your transactions just as if they were our own. Negotiating the hard details and pulling deals together is yet another area in which we at XTROV excel. Today is Saturday, July 22, 2017. It is another important milestone in my life as a REALTOR and as the Broker Owner of a real estate company. The last six years have been intense. Building a new company from the ground up takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment. I realized today that somewhere along the way I have started to miss the forest for the trees. I have always been a good REALTOR. The basic skills come naturally to me. Plus, I work hard, am honest, and love the business. There is nothing better than another deal completed. Due to family commitments, I have had to be away from the office for a few days. Although I have been working harder than ever with my added duties, I still have been out of the �??routine�?� which allowed me some time to think. There is no such thing as a coincidence; I needed this change. Being a life-long learner, whenever I have any spare time a new book, class or experience is the best thing to re-energize me. I came across some new material related to marketing real estate services and I had an aha moment. I need to step up my game in marketing and client service. What I do now gets the job done, but it is not providing eXTRaOrdinay Value which is what our company is committed to do. So today is the day I decided to become a Better REALTOR. My goal is to be the Best REALTOR I can possibly be. We have built a fantastic foundation at XTROV. It is up to me to capitalize on all the investments made so far and take our service to the next level of excellence. When you work too hard and get too tired, you can forget to work smart. I am launching a full-fledged re-vamp of how I offer real estate services. The plan will unfold throughout the remainder of 2017. My goal is to double the amount of people I can help in 2018 by working smarter. I am excited to prove that XTROV is a fantastic choice for real estate services in Southwest Colorado.

Garden Party - Open House TH, June 8, 2017 2-6

Posted on May 11, 2017 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)
It's a Party and we hope that You can join us. Thursday, June 8 2017 at the XTROV office - 444 East Montezuma Avenue. Starting at 2 to 6 or until everyone goes home..... Our theme is a Garden Party so expect great food and drink and lots of pretty things. We will have live music all day. We make Home Happen at XTROV. Come join us and Live Life in Full Bloom!

Problems, then Pot? OR �?? Pot, then Problems.

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (1)

As a property manager, my experience shows me that Pot often Leads to Problems. In the two evictions we have had to do so far this year– pot and other drugs were present. And, not a little bit of drugs. A lot of pot in one case and some pot and strong indications of meth in the other.

Is it also possible that normal people first have problems with their rental obligations and secondly, just happen to smoke pot and do drugs? Yes, perhaps. However, it is becoming increasingly clear, if there are heavy drugs involved it is highly likely there will be downstream problems.

Our laws in Colorado make certain types of pot use okay. XTROV’s lease and drug free addendum, makes any kind of involvement with drugs – growing, manufacturing, using, selling, a Lease Breach.

It is so disheartening to find someone’s home damaged by another who has demonstrated no regard for anyone else’s property, time or money and who seems to care only about themselves and their drug habits.

Coloradoans are not getting what we expected when we voted in the legalization of pot. I hoped that it would cut out the black market and the criminal element and let “Uncle Harry” grow some pot in his backyard for his own use without facing Felony charges. It did not turn out that way. People now see so much “easy money” in selling pot, that a whole new host of problems have been created on top of the problems of the past.

Real estate is booming in Colorado’s metro areas and legalized pot is one of the reasons. Growth is great, but what is the Pot Culture turning into? Crime, disregard and a lot of property damage are sadly a reality of legalized pot.

I still support the idea of “Uncle Harry” staying out of jail for growing a plant or two and allowing legal access to anyone for whom pot use truly eases the pain of injury or disease. It is not these types of people who cause the problems. The problems come from the people who have lost touch with what are basic standards for professional or personal courtesy to others due to drug use.

If you are a Tenant, ask your property manager about the drug rules in their leases. Make sure you are clear on what is okay and what is not. Owners are held accountable to provide clean and safe places for tenants’ to call home. Tenants’ in turn are accountable to maintain a property and pay for the privilege of occupancy, normal wear and tear allowed. It is a pretty simple exchange when all parties do their part.

Sadly, there are a lot of disconnects in the process. What you can count on, is that the property management team at XTROV works every day to make the rental process fair and safe for all our clients – tenants and property owners alike.


2016 Rookie of the Year Award Winner- Brenda Hindmarsh

Posted on September 17, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)
Brenda Hindmarsh, Broker Associate with XTROV Realty, was honored at the recent Four Corners Board of REALTORS Installation Luncheon as the 2016 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

This award is given to an outstanding newcomer to the real estate profession.  Congratulations Brenda!   Way to go.  We are very proud of you.   Your clients are lucky to have you as their REALTOR!

What Property Managers do on Holidays...

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

It was Thanksgiving 2015.   The rolls were being rolled out and then, the phone rings. Betty, XTROV's Leasing Director, had just received The Call from one of our residents that a significant amount of water was coming in from the ceiling. This was in an upstairs unit so both that unit and the one below would soon be in serious trouble.  The XTROV Team sprang into action.   The picture below shows Art - maintenance manager, on the phone to both Betty at the scene and to our wonderful plumber, Brent from Corky's Plumbing, to give both sides the most current information.  Both Betty and Mike had arrived on the scene in minutes and keeping cool heads figured out how to get the water shut off.  Remember, this was Thanksgiving.   We attribute the excellent response we receive in times of need, from people like Brent, from years of working together and the mutual respect earned.   That is an invaluable intangible that XTROV is able to provide our clients.  It turns out that the hot water boiler had malfunctioned.   We were able to get the unit repaired enough to keep the units warm until a full repair could be completed on the next business day.  The water damage was mitigated and both tenants, above and below, were able to stay in their units and enjoy the rest of their Holiday.  What could have been a disaster was averted with relatively little damage.   The owners of this unit were on vacation and would have had no way to deal with the situation long distance.  This was not the first and it will not be the last Holiday where the XTROV Team will take care of owners and tenants, changing an emergency into a manageable event.

2015 - Top Ten REALTOR

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Thanks to everyone - the XTROV Team, great clients, & super colleagues for all that you did to help make 2015 another record breaking year at XTROV Realty.

Katherine Chaffin, XTROV's Broker Owner finished among the top ten REALTORS in the Four Corners Board of Realtors for production in 2015!  There are currently 55 Realtors in the Four Corners Board.  What makes this accomplishment especially rewarding is that Katherine has been a REALTOR for only four years and four months at the time of this writing.   The credentials of the other outstanding REALTORS include many more years' experience. 

With the new 2016 Lisitng Services being rolled out now, Katherine believes that she and the XTROV Team will be able to serve more clients better than ever in the weeks and months to come!  Other updates are that she is now enrolled in the course of study to earn the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) designation, which is acknowledged and respected in the field nationwide as a credential earned by the top industry professionals.

XTROV's Property Management practice also continues to grow.  We fully expect to be, not only the best as rated by our clients, but the largest property management practice in the area.   Our technology, people, and experience are enabling us to step by step become the vendor of choice in Montezuma and Dolores counties.  We work to serve the needs of our property owners and rental residents.  Making a great match between the resident and the rental home is one of our keys to success.

It is wonderful to be a part of the lives of the people who choose Southwest Colorado as their home.   Happy New Year to All!

Katherine to Earn GRI Designation

Posted on November 16, 2015 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) symbol is the mark of a real estate professional who has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services by securing a strong educational foundation.   It is a sixty hour course of study covering a wide range of topics to help the REALTOR provide best practice level of service.   Katherine Chaffin, the REALTOR who cares about YOU, is enrolled in the program and will earn her desgination upon completing the course work and passinsg all exams.

The GRI is a National Association of REALTORS designation and recognized across the United States.

Want to Buy or Sell a Restaurant in SW CO?

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (50)

XTROV Realty has partnered with the CO franchise of WE SELL RESTAURANTS.   What this brings to SW Colorado is a local presence, plus the most successful system and proven track record of We Sell Restaurants.   If you have a restaurant to sell, we need to talk.  It is not easy to sell a restaurant unless you have direct access to the people who are looking to buy.   We Sell Restaurants gets hundreds of inquiries and they are ALL from people who want to buy restaurants.  Kind of like fishing in a barrell....  Well maybe not that easy, but it sure helps to be able to attract the majority of all buyers and sellers within the industry.     XTROV brings the expertise in the real esate aspect.  You can buy a restaurant and lease the building or buy the real estate too.   We work with you to make the right match for your business model.  

What in the World is TRID???

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule known as TRID went into effect on Oct. 3, 2015. It establishes new disclosures and time lines for most mortgage applications received after this date. It is huge change on how most real esate loans will get done!   All lenders, title companies and REALTORS have to learn how to work with the new disclosure deadlines.


The primary changes are:


Loan Estimate replaces the Initial Truth in Lending and Good Faith Estimate.


Closing Disclosure replaces the Final Truth in Lending and the HUD Settlement Statement


The changes are designed to better protect the consumer by insuring timeliness of information flowing between buyer / Realtor / Seller and most specifically, the Lender.


It is extremely critical with such impactful changes underway to work with both a lender and a REALTOR who understands and can meet the new deadlines.


CALL XTROV for any questions and for a referral to qualified lender(s) who understand how to make all the dates and deadlines work for you.

Free Home Buying Seminar Held Successfully!

Posted on October 3, 2015 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (1)

XTROV and Major Mortgage's first Free Home Buying Seminar was today, Saturday Oct 3, 2015.      

We were very pleased with the turn out and hope that the participants learned some useful information.    We also hope that they will continue to think of us as resources for their lending and real estate needs.  Beau Bradley from Major Mortgage and Brenda Hindmarsh and Katherine Chaffin both of XTROV Realty were the presenters.

A very BIG THANK YOU to Four Corners Community Bank for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to hold the seminar in their conference room at the Citizens State Bank Branch at 77 W Main in Cortez.    

We plan to do another one in the Spring 2016 - most likely in March.