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Garden Party - Open House TH, June 8, 2017 2-6

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It's a Party and we hope that You can join us. Thursday, June 8 2017 at the XTROV office - 444 East Montezuma Avenue. Starting at 2 to 6 or until everyone goes home..... Our theme is a Garden Party so expect great food and drink and lots of pretty things. We will have live music all day. We make Home Happen at XTROV. Come join us and Live Life in Full Bloom!

Problems, then Pot? OR �?? Pot, then Problems.

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As a property manager, my experience shows me that Pot often Leads to Problems. In the two evictions we have had to do so far this year– pot and other drugs were present. And, not a little bit of drugs. A lot of pot in one case and some pot and strong indications of meth in the other.

Is it also possible that normal people first have problems with their rental obligations and secondly, just happen to smoke pot and do drugs? Yes, perhaps. However, it is becoming increasingly clear, if there are heavy drugs involved it is highly likely there will be downstream problems.

Our laws in Colorado make certain types of pot use okay. XTROV’s lease and drug free addendum, makes any kind of involvement with drugs – growing, manufacturing, using, selling, a Lease Breach.

It is so disheartening to find someone’s home damaged by another who has demonstrated no regard for anyone else’s property, time or money and who seems to care only about themselves and their drug habits.

Coloradoans are not getting what we expected when we voted in the legalization of pot. I hoped that it would cut out the black market and the criminal element and let “Uncle Harry” grow some pot in his backyard for his own use without facing Felony charges. It did not turn out that way. People now see so much “easy money” in selling pot, that a whole new host of problems have been created on top of the problems of the past.

Real estate is booming in Colorado’s metro areas and legalized pot is one of the reasons. Growth is great, but what is the Pot Culture turning into? Crime, disregard and a lot of property damage are sadly a reality of legalized pot.

I still support the idea of “Uncle Harry” staying out of jail for growing a plant or two and allowing legal access to anyone for whom pot use truly eases the pain of injury or disease. It is not these types of people who cause the problems. The problems come from the people who have lost touch with what are basic standards for professional or personal courtesy to others due to drug use.

If you are a Tenant, ask your property manager about the drug rules in their leases. Make sure you are clear on what is okay and what is not. Owners are held accountable to provide clean and safe places for tenants’ to call home. Tenants’ in turn are accountable to maintain a property and pay for the privilege of occupancy, normal wear and tear allowed. It is a pretty simple exchange when all parties do their part.

Sadly, there are a lot of disconnects in the process. What you can count on, is that the property management team at XTROV works every day to make the rental process fair and safe for all our clients – tenants and property owners alike.


What Property Managers do on Holidays...

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It was Thanksgiving 2015.   The rolls were being rolled out and then, the phone rings. Betty, XTROV's Leasing Director, had just received The Call from one of our residents that a significant amount of water was coming in from the ceiling. This was in an upstairs unit so both that unit and the one below would soon be in serious trouble.  The XTROV Team sprang into action.   The picture below shows Art - maintenance manager, on the phone to both Betty at the scene and to our wonderful plumber, Brent from Corky's Plumbing, to give both sides the most current information.  Both Betty and Mike had arrived on the scene in minutes and keeping cool heads figured out how to get the water shut off.  Remember, this was Thanksgiving.   We attribute the excellent response we receive in times of need, from people like Brent, from years of working together and the mutual respect earned.   That is an invaluable intangible that XTROV is able to provide our clients.  It turns out that the hot water boiler had malfunctioned.   We were able to get the unit repaired enough to keep the units warm until a full repair could be completed on the next business day.  The water damage was mitigated and both tenants, above and below, were able to stay in their units and enjoy the rest of their Holiday.  What could have been a disaster was averted with relatively little damage.   The owners of this unit were on vacation and would have had no way to deal with the situation long distance.  This was not the first and it will not be the last Holiday where the XTROV Team will take care of owners and tenants, changing an emergency into a manageable event.

XTROV Celebrates 2 Years & Going Strong!

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August 19, 2015 marks XTROV REALTY's 2nd Anniversary in business located at 303 N Broadway in Cortez.    

We have had a great two years and look forward to many more to come.   Thanks to all who have trusted us with their real estate needs.  We ARE the REALTORS (and property managers) who care about YOU!

Partnering with Four Corners Community Bank

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Beginning on August 19, 2015 we are privileged to be showcased on Main Street Cortez by Four Corners Community Bank as they celebrate their "4" You Campaign.   We appreciate how the bank and its staff go out of their way to help us - and to help all their clients.  

When Did YOUR Prop Mgr Study C-27 and Why does it Matter?!?

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C-27 is the Real Estate Commission's (the real estate commission is part of DORA -CO Department of Regulatory Affairs) Position Statement regarding the requirements for all licensed property managers.  To manage other people's properties - you MUST be a licensed Colorado real estate agent at a minimum.  In XTROV's case, I am a REALTOR - which means I also belong to the local and national Boards of Realty.  As an aside,  if a non-licensed person is managing your property you and he/she could be in for some trouble from the Attorney General's office.   At minimum a Cease and Desist letter would be issued and more seriously a law suit brought on by some disgruntled person could land you both in time consuming and costly legal actions that will more than likely not result in a happy outcome for those people involved in practicing real estate without a license. 

If the Commission ever comes calling to your property manager's office, it is extremely important that the property manager 1) knows what the requirements are for licensed activity and 2) is abiding by them.   This matters to you as the owner of rental property because if your property manager is shut down for a day or forever - what is going to happen to your rental in the meantime???

In addition to being part of the Boards of Realty, we are the only property management company in SW Colorado who belongs to NARPM - the National Association of Residentlal Property Managers.  We belong in order to have access to the best education on property management that is available so that we can pass the benefit of what we learn along to our clients.

Last week, Katherine attended a continuing education course offered in Grand Junction on C-27.   It is the ONLY approved continuing education course on Property Management and it is offered once a year.   It was encouraging to know that XTROV is doing well in terms of compliance, but there is always room for improvement.

Based on what was learned, our lease has already been updated and our agreement with our owners will be updated next.   In any profession, there is no way to know everything, but it is mandatory - at least in our minds, to upgrade our knowledge and our skills both through learning day to day by doing and as often as possible through formal education.

If you are not with XTROV property management, you might ask your property manager about C-27 and how they are insuring their compliance with the lengthly list of requirements contained therein.   

Reason # 4 - Great Relations with Vendors

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Appliances are always a part of the day-to day-business in property management.   Today, so far, we have had dealings with a refrigerator and a washing machine.

Which brings me to this Reason.   We have to get the appliances serviced or repaired in a timely and cost effective manner.  Over the years, we have built a great working relationship with the people who fix and provide appliances in our area at a relatively low cost.  We know that when we call or show up with a washer in the back of the truck, they are going to do their very best to 1) help us quickly and 2) give us the best deal they can.

This is valuable to our landlords and to our tenants.   We know who to call.  They work with us to get the job done and often, they go out of their way to do something above and beyond - throwing in a cord here, knocking a few dollars of the price there, or finding a way to work a delivery into their already full schedule.

The washing machine issue was a bear.  The machine was an odd sized, older front loader.  It had been badly abused by a tenant prior to us managing the account. Togther with the vendor, we had gotten it up and running for several years before it finally quit for good.  The vendor found another one that would fit the small space and had it ready for our team to pick up.

From there the kudos go to Art and Mike who then hauled the machine above Mancos, carried it up a skinny flight of stairs to put it in the upstairs closet that it would be calling home for the rest of its washing machine life.

Imagine you were the out of state owner getting a call from the tenant in the mountains by Mancos saying the washer would not work and that she wanted to wash her clothes NOW.    That would be a pickle, unless of course, you had XTROV as your property managment problem solving company.

Reason # 3 - Move In and Move Out Walk Throughs

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Do you have an on-site walk through with your property manager's representative with each tenant move in and move out at the property?    If XTROV is your property manager, you will.

A qualified property management staff member - typically the Director of Leasing - walks through the property with the Tenant at move in time.  We use our Move In Inventory and Condition Check List to note the status of the property.   The Tenant is there and they sign off on the Check LIst.  If there are any complaints or concerns - we find them out right then and there so they can be rectified in a timely manner.   Staying on top of these thing tells the tenants that we care about them and the property and expect the same courtesy in return.

At move out, we reverse the process.  Using the same sheet, we go through and note any conditions that would exceed normal wear and tear usage.   It takes the debate out of deposit issues.   It also speeds the return to "ready to rent" status as we know as soon as the property is vacant what work needs to be done.  It makes the tenant feel comfortable that there will be no unexpected surprises.

Going to the property takes effort.  We cover rentals from Dove Creek to Mancos.  However, we have found it to be the best pro-active way to keep on top of the move in / out process and worth the effort involved.  

Reason # 2 - In House, Full-Time Property Care Team

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We are the only property management company serving Montezuma and Dolores counties who employ a full-time TEAM of property management pros, in addition to the Broker/Property Manager.  We don't think it is a job that should be handled by one full time person and subs who are called in for problems.

We have a full time Leasing Director and two, full-time Property Care Specialists - with years of specific property management and construction experience.    Our work is done by people who are committed to the long term happiness of the tenant and landlord versus a handyman or tradesperson who is called now and then to solve a particular problem.  

We do call in specialized trades people - namely plumbers and electricians when the problem requires a licensed person to do the work.  However, we have been working with these folks for years.  They know us and we know them.   Even though they are not on the XTROV payroll, we still work as a Team due to the many jobs we have worked together.

The longer we manage a property, the more valuable our service becomes.  Why you might ask?  Because we get to know the property so well that we are able to solve the problems that much faster which saves the owner money and encourages the tenant to take good care of the rental - as they know that we will do the same.

Reason # 1 - A Loaner Refrigerator

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There are many quantifiable reasons to choose XTROV property managment services.  

It occurs to me that WE may know the reasons, but the marketplace may not.  Therefore, it is our job to share some of the behind the scenes services, features, tasks and/or problems solved that we encounter and handle for our clients - both landlords and tenants, on a regular basis. They are not in any priority order.  We write about them as they occur or as we have something in particular we would like to share.

We hope that the Reasons added together will help to paint the picture as to why we are the Best Choice for Property Management Services.

So, here is Reason # 1:    We Have a Loaner Refrigerator.

Refrigerators go out at the most unexpected times - sometimes right before Thanksgiving!

They are a fairly costly item for a landlord to replace so it is never a fun day when one goes out.  On the other side, tenants' food will be ruined if it is not able to stay refrigerated or frozen.    Therefore, we own and deploy our loaner fridge in most instances when one goes out.  The landlord incurs a reasonalbe fee for this service,   It is well worth the cost to insure that the tenant is taken care of and there is adequate time to get the fridge repaired or replaced - as fast as possible, but with no real harm - other than inconvenience, done.

We have been known to transfer a tenant's food from the dead fridge to our Loaner since they were away at work.   We have hauled this fridge on a Sunday.    If you have not done it recently, it may be easy to forget that these things are HEAVY and require a special dolly and a big enough truck to carry it in - both of which we have.  Not to mention the strong and able backs to get the job done.

Fridges can sometimes be repaired and sometimes not.  When one goes out, we are researching the options right away to communicate our findings to the owner for the approval to the solution.   A home can not be without a fridge, so replacement or repair is an ASAP requirement.

XTROV Property Management is prepared to deploy our Property Care Team with a solution already in place when we get the call - "the refrigerator stopped working and my ice cream is melting.....!"