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March 28 - Respect Your Cat Day!

Posted on March 29, 2015 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)
Glad to know that there is an "official" day set aside to celebrate the felines in our lives.  

This cutie is Martha - she turned one year old on March15, 2015.    

She was born in our garage by a feral mama who left never to return on Martha's 10th day of life - the day her eyes opened.  

We bottle fed this baby and would not trade her for all the tea in China.   Here's to all the wonderful cats out there!

Save a Life at Every Chance You Can

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)
As an owner of 8 domestic and 3 ferals, this is so very true.   

Lucy - Our Big Girl

Posted on August 25, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)
Lucy was rescued from under a pile of burned tree limbs when she was 3 1/2, maybe 4 weeks old.  When we dug the tiny thing out from where she had been crying loud enough for us to hear her from across the fence in the neighbor's field - she fought to get away with all the strength she had left in her then tiny body.  We dropped her into the fishing net we had brought along and with all four legs sticking out, she was ours.

That was a few years ago now.  Lucy is a very happy house cat weighing in around 20 lbs.  She is one of our family of 8 cats who have each come to us with his or her own special story.   Lucy likes to act tough and see if her growls can actually scare anybody - cat or human, eats plenty - her bowl has to be in her special place, and loves most of all to be the center of attention.   

2044 Cats Spayed/Neutered in Last 5 Years

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The Feral Cat Program of For Pets Sake is a life saving gift to Montezuma County.  The people who make the program a reality are nothing short of miracle workers.   When you think of all the kittens 2044 cats did not have, you begin to understand the magnitude of the program's impact.

For me, it started one Spring day about five years ago when by chance I noticed a cute little orange kitten sitting by the edge of the back deck. Unknown to us, wild as wild could be "Mama Kitty" had birthed four kittens under the deck.   I started feeding and watering them that day as they were all on the edge of malnutrition even though Mama was doing a heroic job of fending for her kittens and staying alive.  

Fast forward a bit as not everyone is as crazy about cats and their details as I am, but we were able to spay/neuter all four kittens, plus Mama through the Feral Cat Program.  This was not before Mama Kitty had another litter of seven(!) - this time in our garage.   It was a JOY to see those kittens the night they were born and raise them to happy/healthy spayed/neutered cats.

It has not been without sorrow.  Three of the first four kittens and one of the seven, left the farm and never came home.  Be it coyote, owl or a horrid person's gun, I will never know.  However, the rest of the them, plus three more who found their way to us, all are spayed/neutered thanks to the program.They all have the life I wish all cats, and domestic animals in general, could have. Love, care, shelter, food and water - it's just the basics, but what all deserve.

Most of our cats are orange although Mama is a gray tiger with three black paw pads and one pink.   She now sleeps on the bed and purrs me to sleep whenever I feel the stress of the day.    Uncle Precious - the kitty who was sitting by the deck that day, looks like a lion with his huge and fluffy taffy colored coat. He is the wise sage who teaches the younger ones the art of staying alive and the joy of being a Cat.  Lucy - the one we rescued from a wood pile at the edge of starvation, weighs in at over 20 pounds and rules the roost.  Franklin and Savannah are siblings from the second litter.  Tom Tom and Cowboy have come to us from the "wild."   Each one we have tamed and taken through the program.  There is now one more to catch - a gray and white who is Cowboy's mom and possibly Tom Tom's too.  We must make the effort to catch her NOW as breeding season is upon us.

However, there is a limit.  Be it 1 or 8 or 20 cats, each of us can only give a good home to so many.   Please - if you have a cat that is going to breed - have it spayed or neutered.   If you have a wild cat - you may well qualify to use the Feral Cat program.  If you have Really Wild cats volunteers will come, catch them and have them spayed/neutered. 

I was not looking to be a cat owner.  Let alone an 8 cat owner.   However, it has been well worth the small effort it has taken to do the right thing and make the life of another creature better.  They pay me back 10 fold each day with their love and antics.  No mice around here - that's for sure!

This is Harry (fluffy one) and Franlin.  Harry was the first to do most things, and sadly left us way too soon.  However, Franklin is doing great. He is an early riser and wants his milk first thing.  If only he would make the coffee in the morning....