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New Image for XTROV - The Cairn. Otherwise known as a human made stack of stones

Posted on September 23, 2015 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

A cairn is a human-made pile (or stack) of stones.  

I have been stacking stones at various special locations for quite some time. It is also fun to come across a cairn left by another.   I like the image for a real estate company because typicaly a cairn is made to mark a spot of importance.  A property or a home or a business location are all important.    

They are also fun to make.  Next time you are out and about and feel inspired, stack some stones to commemorate something special. If you'll send us a photo of what you create, we'd love to share it.

FREE Home Buying Class - SAT. OCT 3 - 10 am

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Katherine and Brenda are teaming up with Beau Bradley from Major Mortgage to offer an information packed, FREE seminar on buying a home.

It could be your first or one of many.   Learning about YOUR buying ability is the first step for savvy home buying. .  Beau is excellent at helping people get the best possible home loan.    Brenda and Katherine know the real estate market and how to negotiate for your best interests!

Please Join Us.   Held at Four Corners Community Bank's Conference Rm at 77 West Main Street in Cortez, CO  81321.

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 at 10 am.   Refreshments served.

Why RENT when you can BUY!?!

Labor Day 2015 Reflections

Posted on September 9, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)
New Year's is the time many people reflect upon their goals, their lives and make plans for what is to come.   For me, Labor Day is that time of year since "work' has always been a central theme of my life.   In past blogs, I have explained that often I worked on Labor Day as part of the price one has to pay to earn a living and build a career.  

Last year, that was changed purposefully.  It had become quite clear that TIME is the most precious resource that once gone is gone forever. ..
In 2014, I spent - along with Art - Labor Day in our "new used" boat fishing at McPhee Reservoir.  

This year, we took our "new used" Cougar camper to Vallecito Reservoir and tried our hand at camping.  We stayed at Pine River camp ground, space #23.  It was a pretty spot, big enough to squeeze in 26 feet of camper - barely.  We missed taking out the awning by no more than an inch. I was watching the bottom of the tree so as not to take out the bumper.   Note to camping self - trees do not always grow straight up.  You have to watch both low and high.  This tree had a good chunk of bark missing at awning height.  Some other awning was not quite as lucky as ours.

The top picture was when we arrived.  It rained a lot while there.  The lake was like glass - which was quite a sight to see.  Below that is what the lake and surrounding area looks like most of the time.   The rocks - I like to build a tower to capture a bit of the energy of the places we visit. 

No major revelations came to me this trip.  That in itself is a revelation.  Meaning - stay the course.  XTROV Realty celebrated its 2nd full year in business on August 19, 2015.     We are all having a good year.   There are daily hurdles to jump and at times it is tiring to go day to day to day jumping hurdles - and sometimes they can be rather high.  But, isn't that life?  No worthwhile endeavor happens without some blood, sweat and tears.

However, today and tomorrow look bright.  We are clearly an equal player to any of the established property management firms already.  Our goal is to earn the right to be the premier and preferred property management vendor.  We make our plans, re-work them and keep going.  The longer I am in the business, the more I respect our competitors good work.  Property Mgt is a tough, tough business and it takes 110% committment to do the job.  We are committed and have our sites on being the biggest, but most importantly the best.

I ended 2014, in a production tie for 12/13 position out of 47 REALTORS.  Not bad for the first year.   RIght now, I am tracking a tad bit ahead of that spot, and we are now up to 50 REALTORS in the Four Corners Board.     The REALTORs who hold the top 10 spots are extremely good at what they do.   It is my full intent to join their ranks and earn my way up in the ranks.   I am by far the newest person in the business in that group of hard working and knowledgeable real estate professionals and it is where I want to be.

I am lucky to have been born in the "Land of the Free" where we each can make our paths - as best we can and as we choose to do.

 Labor Day 2015 - thanks for break and for the insight to "go again" and finish the year strong.

XTROV Celebrates 2 Years & Going Strong!

Posted on August 22, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)
August 19, 2015 marks XTROV REALTY's 2nd Anniversary in business located at 303 N Broadway in Cortez.    

We have had a great two years and look forward to many more to come.   Thanks to all who have trusted us with their real estate needs.  We ARE the REALTORS (and property managers) who care about YOU!

Partnering with Four Corners Community Bank

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Beginning on August 19, 2015 we are privileged to be showcased on Main Street Cortez by Four Corners Community Bank as they celebrate their "4" You Campaign.   We appreciate how the bank and its staff go out of their way to help us - and to help all their clients.  


Posted on June 13, 2015 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (1)
Art, Vonnie and Ronnie Readying the display.  See below Mike and Betty and Ronnie and Vonnie.   Great people who also just happen to bring realty and property management services to Montezuma and Dolores counties in SW CO!

Rodeo Parade

Posted on June 13, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (5)
Rodeo Parade Cortez, CO, June 13, 2015

From left to right - Jonathan, Katherine, Brenda, Aivree, Betty, Mike and Vonnie.   Art and Ronnie were behind the scenes.


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The types of problems a REALTOR solves is unending and often not showcased.  Reason being - a good REALTOR makes it as painless as possible for their clients on both the buying and selling sides.  The ability and willingness to solve all kinds of problems without the clients being unduly impacted is a hidden value and often can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccesful transaction.

One area for huge problems that can slow or kill a real estate transaction is the Appraisal.   The lender orders the appraisal from a list of vendors through a third party firm.   The mundane problems that occur all the time are scheduling problems - is the appraiser coming soon enough to meet the appraisal deadlines and/ or does he or she show up when scheduled?  The question of value, meaning properties coming in at or above the purchase price is usually not the issue that causes REALTORS to move into full problem solving mode.  

The much more serious problems come in the form of something called "conditions." These are things appraisers include in the write up that goes back to the lender.     A few strokes of the key board can mean many hours of extra work to clarify and mitigate these conditions.

Recently, we had an appraiser write about a telephone pole.   The report said, that the "pole could be a potential safety issue and could potentially cause damage to the building."    The buyers were fully approved, with great credit scores, putting 1/3 of the purchase price down, but OH NOT ENOUGH - the POLE could have easily been THE END of the deal without the problem solving skills of the REALTOR.

Immediately Empire Electric was called and a very competent and nice man went out and inspected the situation. The pole is 34 feet tall and the building is 45 feet away.   He went on to say that there is "absolutely no hazzard from the pole."    When presented with this information, the appraiser recanted the remarks.    However, why were they made in the first place?  Unfounded Speculation.   

This is just one example of the many kinds of things that can appear at the last minute that have to be addressed, overcome, and worked through to help a buyer/seller have a successful real estate transaction.

When choosing a Realtor, a good interview question might be, "tell me about a situation where your actions directly impacted a closing going through that without your work, would not have been completed?"

When Did YOUR Prop Mgr Study C-27 and Why does it Matter?!?

Posted on April 20, 2015 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

C-27 is the Real Estate Commission's (the real estate commission is part of DORA -CO Department of Regulatory Affairs) Position Statement regarding the requirements for all licensed property managers.  To manage other people's properties - you MUST be a licensed Colorado real estate agent at a minimum.  In XTROV's case, I am a REALTOR - which means I also belong to the local and national Boards of Realty.  As an aside,  if a non-licensed person is managing your property you and he/she could be in for some trouble from the Attorney General's office.   At minimum a Cease and Desist letter would be issued and more seriously a law suit brought on by some disgruntled person could land you both in time consuming and costly legal actions that will more than likely not result in a happy outcome for those people involved in practicing real estate without a license. 

If the Commission ever comes calling to your property manager's office, it is extremely important that the property manager 1) knows what the requirements are for licensed activity and 2) is abiding by them.   This matters to you as the owner of rental property because if your property manager is shut down for a day or forever - what is going to happen to your rental in the meantime???

In addition to being part of the Boards of Realty, we are the only property management company in SW Colorado who belongs to NARPM - the National Association of Residentlal Property Managers.  We belong in order to have access to the best education on property management that is available so that we can pass the benefit of what we learn along to our clients.

Last week, Katherine attended a continuing education course offered in Grand Junction on C-27.   It is the ONLY approved continuing education course on Property Management and it is offered once a year.   It was encouraging to know that XTROV is doing well in terms of compliance, but there is always room for improvement.

Based on what was learned, our lease has already been updated and our agreement with our owners will be updated next.   In any profession, there is no way to know everything, but it is mandatory - at least in our minds, to upgrade our knowledge and our skills both through learning day to day by doing and as often as possible through formal education.

If you are not with XTROV property management, you might ask your property manager about C-27 and how they are insuring their compliance with the lengthly list of requirements contained therein.   

Insight on XTROV's USP - Unique Selling Proposition

Posted on April 3, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Boutique is Better than Big.  

Marketing 101 - define your unique selling proposition.   In thinking about the business today, the above phrase came to me as another way to highlight what makes us stand out in the marketplace.

XTROV Realty has always had a clear picture of who we are and what we offer - the concept that we strive to offer eXTRaOrdinaryValue to our clients and that this mission is embedded in our name XTROV.  But, there's more......

Why is Boutique Better than Big?    At XTROV we work on a team concept vs a bullpen concept that most other real estate firms are structured under.   I started my career at a well known, well respected, national franchise.   The place was full of competent REALTORS - nice people.  Each one was doing his or her own thing.  All creating the wheel.  They had the national logo under which to fly - but real estate effectiveness is not about company name.   It is about who is across the table, or on the phone or the email helping you get your real estate transaction done to your satisfaction and hopefully, with some enjoyment too.

Our mix of service is not anyone else in the market place.    We provide Property Management; Rentals; Repair, Maintenance and Remodeling; and Buy and Sell.  

Our services complement one another.  Many of our clients use more than one service and that is why Boutique is Better than Big.   We can fully meet people's real estate needs.  

For example,


  • Tenants often become Buyers,
  • Landlords ask us sell their current properties and/or help buy new ones, 
  • Landlords have us fix up their rentals to maximize the return or fix existing problems  - anything from a full remodel to a smaller spruce up.  
  • Sellers have us rent their homes while on the market For Sale 
  • Sellers often need a place to rent after their home sells.
  • Buyers need a place to rent until their new property closes or they have us property manage their investment(s).


Having been a real estate office for 18 months, we are currently a team of six.  We all work together for the common good.  We are open six days a week to serve you.  

When you call XTROV, the team consists of a Leasing Director, a Real Estate Services Coordinator, two full time maintenance and construction men, and two REALTORS.  We all help each other, so we are not just lone, competent people doing their own things.   We offer competence, plus synergy of effort.     When you call XTROV, we want to show you first hand why we believe, "Boutique is Better than Big!"