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Problems, then Pot? OR �?? Pot, then Problems.

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 12:05 AM

As a property manager, my experience shows me that Pot often Leads to Problems. In the two evictions we have had to do so far this year– pot and other drugs were present. And, not a little bit of drugs. A lot of pot in one case and some pot and strong indications of meth in the other.

Is it also possible that normal people first have problems with their rental obligations and secondly, just happen to smoke pot and do drugs? Yes, perhaps. However, it is becoming increasingly clear, if there are heavy drugs involved it is highly likely there will be downstream problems.

Our laws in Colorado make certain types of pot use okay. XTROV’s lease and drug free addendum, makes any kind of involvement with drugs – growing, manufacturing, using, selling, a Lease Breach.

It is so disheartening to find someone’s home damaged by another who has demonstrated no regard for anyone else’s property, time or money and who seems to care only about themselves and their drug habits.

Coloradoans are not getting what we expected when we voted in the legalization of pot. I hoped that it would cut out the black market and the criminal element and let “Uncle Harry” grow some pot in his backyard for his own use without facing Felony charges. It did not turn out that way. People now see so much “easy money” in selling pot, that a whole new host of problems have been created on top of the problems of the past.

Real estate is booming in Colorado’s metro areas and legalized pot is one of the reasons. Growth is great, but what is the Pot Culture turning into? Crime, disregard and a lot of property damage are sadly a reality of legalized pot.

I still support the idea of “Uncle Harry” staying out of jail for growing a plant or two and allowing legal access to anyone for whom pot use truly eases the pain of injury or disease. It is not these types of people who cause the problems. The problems come from the people who have lost touch with what are basic standards for professional or personal courtesy to others due to drug use.

If you are a Tenant, ask your property manager about the drug rules in their leases. Make sure you are clear on what is okay and what is not. Owners are held accountable to provide clean and safe places for tenants’ to call home. Tenants’ in turn are accountable to maintain a property and pay for the privilege of occupancy, normal wear and tear allowed. It is a pretty simple exchange when all parties do their part.

Sadly, there are a lot of disconnects in the process. What you can count on, is that the property management team at XTROV works every day to make the rental process fair and safe for all our clients – tenants and property owners alike.


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