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444 East Montezuma Avenue

Cortez, Colorado 81321

(one block North of City Market)

Office 970-565-3025             Text 970-560-2596

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Residential Real Estate

Property Management & Rentals


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experienced Pro? XTR​OV knows residential rea​l estate and will make your buying experience one of eXTRaOrdinary Value!

Property Management

P​roperty Management is not for the faint-at-heart.   Learn why XTROV is the best choice to manage your residential real estate.

Are you considering a move to Cortez, Colorado? Discover the captivating reasons why Cortez should be your next home. From its stunning natural beauty to its vibrant community, Cortez offers a quality of life that is hard to resist. With a favorable climate, abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, a rich cultural heritage, and a welcoming community, Cortez provides an exceptional living experience. Explore the reasons why Cortez, Colorado is the perfect place to call home.

Reasons To Rent
From Xtrov:

1. Wide Selection of Rental Properties: XTROV offers a diverse range of rental properties to choose from. Whether you're looking for a spacious family home, a cozy apartment, or a commercial space, XTROV has options that cater to different preferences and budgets. Their extensive selection ensures you'll find the perfect rental property to suit your needs. 2. Reliable and Responsive Management: XTROV is known for its reliable and responsive property management services. They prioritize tenant satisfaction and promptly address any maintenance or repair issues that may arise. With XTROV, you can expect a seamless renting experience with a management team that values your comfort and peace of mind. 3. Transparent and Fair Rental Policies: XTROV maintains transparent and fair rental policies. They provide clear guidelines and terms for renting their properties, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the rental process, including lease agreements, rent payment procedures, and maintenance responsibilities. Their commitment to transparency creates a trustworthy and hassle-free renting experience. 4. Expert Knowledge of the Local Rental Market: XTROV has extensive knowledge of the local rental market in Cortez, Colorado. They stay up-to-date with market trends, rental rates, and neighborhood insights. This expertise allows them to provide valuable guidance and assistance in finding the ideal rental property that meets your specific requirements and preferences. 5. Professional and Friendly Staff: XTROV takes pride in its team of professional and friendly staff members. They are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring that all your inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly. Their approachable and knowledgeable staff creates a positive renting experience and fosters a strong tenant-landlord relationship. 6. Streamlined Rental Application Process: XTROV understands the importance of a streamlined rental application process. They make it easy and convenient for prospective tenants to apply for rental properties. With efficient application procedures and responsive communication, XTROV ensures a smooth and efficient process from application submission to lease signing. 7. Well-Maintained Properties: XTROV is committed to maintaining their rental properties in top condition. They conduct regular inspections and promptly address maintenance and repair needs. Renting from XTROV means you can expect a well-maintained and comfortable living space throughout your tenancy. 8. Community Involvement and Support: XTROV is actively involved in the local community and supports various initiatives and organizations. By renting from XTROV, you contribute to their efforts in making a positive impact in Cortez, Colorado. It's a great way to align yourself with a realty company that values community engagement. Conclusion: Renting from XTROV offers a multitude of benefits, including a wide selection of rental properties, reliable management, transparent policies, local market expertise, professional staff, streamlined application processes, well-maintained properties, and community involvement. Choose XTROV for an exceptional renting experience in Cortez, Colorado.

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