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XTROV Manages the Entire Life Cycle of the Rental Process

Property Management 

NOT for 

the Faint-of-Heart

Rental real estate, when purchased and managed correctly may well be one of the best investment vehicles available for both short and long-term profit.  Other people (tenants) pay for your mortgage, insurance, taxes, and upkeep.  A rental provides monthly cash flow and builds equity over time.   However, rental units don't take care of themselves and excellent tenants don't just magically appear.

The horror stories in the industry are plentiful.    Just when one thinks they have seen it all, just wait.   Something else will come along.   What we humans can and will do is sometimes hard to comprehend.   Whether an owner manages his or her own rentals or secures a professional property management company to do the heavy lifting, rental management is a big job.

XTROV has almost 20 year's property management experience.  Some of it has been gained the hard way.   That's a good thing if you are an owner considering XTROV's services.  It is just as important to know what not to do as to know what to do.

A former employee of XTROV put it this way.  To be successful a Property Manager needs, "the eyes of an eagle, the mind of a scholar, the hide of a crocodile, and the heart of a warrior."  Well-said and how very true.   Property Management is a tough job and not for the faint-of-heart.

At XTROV, we are a team of people working on behalf of our owners and tenants.   Real estate and property management have far too many complexities and moving parts to be successfully navigated by one person.  Since we are a real estate firm, as well as a property management provider, we are well-suited to sell your investment property if and when the time comes.   We understand and have successfully navigated the complexities of the sale and tenant-related issues many times.

Something to watch out for is unscrupulous or uninformed people posing as property managers.   In Colorado, one must be a licensed REALTOR or real estate agent, or work directly under the real estate professional, to manage another person's rentals.   The exception is an on-site manager who is an employee of the owner.   Also, an owner can manage as many rentals for him or herself as desired.   Otherwise, one must be licensed to enter into Contract among other things.   Rental agreements and leases are Contracts with legal ramifications.  Rental deposits must be held in trust accounts and there are numerous Fair Housing Guidelines that must be followed.  Does this really matter?   It will when the owner and "property manager" find themselves facing a lawsuit.  XTROV is licensed and properly insured.

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) is considering requiring an additional license for real estate professionals who wish to be property managers.  XTROV fully supports this initiative because even real estate professionals without property management experience may not be best suited to handle your valuable investment.

XTROV stands ready, willing and able to take most of the hassles out of rental management for you and to make the experience of rental ownership GREAT - just like it should be.   Rentals are wonderful things.

XTROV Provides

  • Highly visible, upscale and easily accessible office - where  many prospective tenants contact us daily looking for their new rental home
  • Quick rental turn around times  
  • State of the art, industry-specific software that consolidates and documents the myriad of details of property management
  • Detailed inspections with pictures and notes - at the intake of a property, at tenant move-in and at tenant move-out.  
  • Excellent on-line web advertisement of available XTROV rentals where people can see pictures, view details and Apply on-line - and yes, we still put out For Rent signs too
  • Industry knowledge, we know how to maximize the benefits of a rental unit
  • Detailed Tenant background checks - credit, criminal and eviction
  • On-line leases facilitate the rental process and increase adherence to rental agreement terms
  • 24/7 online Tenant portal allows Tenants to pay rent from anywhere and also easily report any maintenance or other issues
  • Direct deposit for owners
  • 24/7 Owner portal to view your statements, invoices, and inspections 
  • Detailed monthly and year-end owner statements clearly showing all income and expenses
  • Full-time and in house maintenance man with many years residential fix-it experience with well-stocked tool trailers
  • XTROV screened Cleaning and Yard personnel 
  • Excellent relationships with numerous tradespeople, City/County officials and other business people within the community
  • Ability to send tradespeople work orders through our software system for clear and timely communication - we also have most of their cell phone numbers programmed in as we often need them outside of business hours
  • XTROV Staff members who are intelligent, motivated, detail-oriented, reliable, honest, and with outstanding human relations abilities who truly care about our clients
  • Maybe best of all, YOU don't get the phone call at 11 pm on Christmas Eve when your unit's toilet is backing up all over the floor and the Tenants' presents or on the Sunday afternoon when the ceiling just fell in, complete with a waterfall from somewhere up above.  You get the idea...

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