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XTROV Realty - the Key to YOUR New Home...                                              

Your REALTOR is a critical component 

of your home and/or investment buying team.  Other team members typically include a mortgage professional, lender and/or banker, inspector(s) - structural, foundation, pest/termite, and radon, tradespeople  (plumbers, electricians, tree-trimmers, roofers, utility companies, and more), appraiser, title company, City and County officials, and an insurance agent.   Additionally, you may need your CPA, a surveyor, a 1031 Exchange administrator, and/or an attorney.  

Since the list is rather long, wouldn't it be nice to have ONE POINT OF CONTACT to serve as the glue during the entire transaction?   That is exactly what an XTROV REALTOR does for you.  

XTROV knows most of the local providers of the above services and can get things done with a well-placed phone call.  It is nice to know who to call and to have a friendly voice on the other end of the line.   Additionally, your REALTOR helps you find properties, enables you to get inside to view the homes you wish to see, completes all the paperwork - and there is lots of it(!), keeps track of critical deadlines, and negotiates the details of the transaction of which price - although critical, is only one component.

There are different relationships in which a REALTOR can represent various parties (buyer and seller) in a real estate transaction including Transaction Broker, Buyer or Seller Agent and Customer.  One of your first discussions with your potential REALTOR needs to be how you wish to be represented.  There are some distinct differences, but all relationships require the REALTOR to provide "fair and honest" service. 

XTROV would love to earn your business.   Our goal is to become your REALTOR FOR LIFE which means we build long-term trust and friendships.   We are not about a quick deal and that's it. 

We invite you to contact us and let's discuss what's on your mind.   We are ready, willing and able to help you achieve your real estate goals.  

A question on most people's minds is, 

"Who pays the REALTORS?"    It's a good question and nothing to be uncomfortable discussing.

In sales all things are negotiable but, in the great majority of cases, the Seller pays the REALTORS.   When a Seller lists his/her house the agreement on REALTOR compensation is part of the listing agreement.   Typically, the fee is six percent of the sales price. When the listing agent markets the home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) he/she sets the consideration - which is how they are willing to split the commission with agents who bring a buyer.   Typically, the split is 50/50 between the listing agent and the selling agent.

What is the SINGLE BIGGEST SERVICE Your REALTOR provides?  

Without a doubt, it is problem-solving.  Problems of some type are nearly inevitable in real estate.   A good REALTOR can make the glass half full and find a solution for you.  You'd be surprised how many problems REALTORS solve keeping the process on track without any undo hitches for their clients.

Evaluate your potential REALTOR's style.  Do they seem to fluster easily?   Do they make mountains out of molehills?  Are they defensive thinking everything is someone else's issue?  Do they speak ill of anyone?    Or, are they too nonchalant without a sense of urgency to create results?  All of these characteristics could be red flags that the person may be inflexible and may not be your best advocate in the long-run.   

You want YOUR REALTOR to be resilient, result-oriented and resourceful.   It is also important to like and respect your REALTOR.   XTROV REALTORS and staff are very resourceful.  

Let us talk soon!   Please call, email, text or best of all - drop by and let us visit in person.   

Click HERE to contact us.

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