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"Cody Wells Steps Up: A New Era for Xtrov Realty"

We are thrilled to announce an exciting change at Xtrov Realty. Our very own Cody Wells has officially taken over as the new owner of the company, succeeding Katherine Chaffin. This shift marks the beginning of a new era for our firm as we recommit to leading innovation in property management and real estate sales in Cortez, Colorado.

For those who know Cody, it's clear that his passion for real estate is unbounded. With his keen understanding of the local market dynamics and a forward-thinking mindset, Cody is all set to steer Xtrov Realty into a future brimming with opportunity.

Katherine Chaffin, our previous owner, has done a phenomenal job of establishing Xtrov Realty as a reputable and trustworthy name in the Cortez real estate arena. She's crafted an organization that always puts customers first, and Cody is dedicated to preserving and nurturing this legacy. We are grateful to Katherine for her incredible contributions and for setting a strong foundation for our firm.

Cody's ascension to ownership heralds an era of reinvigoration at Xtrov Realty. He brings fresh ideas and a distinct style of real estate sales that focuses not just on transactions, but on building lasting relationships with clients. Cody is known for his personal touch and commitment to understanding the unique needs of each customer, and these traits will now be infused even more deeply into our company's ethos.

With his extensive experience in property management, Cody is poised to revolutionize our approach to managing properties. He believes in leveraging the latest technologies and innovative strategies to provide seamless property management solutions. Expect smarter, more efficient services that are customized to your needs under his leadership.

The entire team at Xtrov Realty is excited about the fresh perspective that Cody brings to the helm. We are eager to embrace the innovations that Cody has planned, knowing that these advancements will not only enhance our services but also greatly benefit our clients.

This transition comes at a time when the real estate market in Cortez, Colorado is more dynamic than ever. We look forward to navigating these thrilling times under Cody's guidance, maintaining our commitment to serve our clients with unmatched professionalism, and infusing new life into every aspect of our business.

As we begin this new chapter at Xtrov Realty, we want to thank our clients for their continued trust in us. We promise to uphold the values that have made us successful and strive to continually provide a service that exceeds your expectations. With Cody Wells at the helm, the future is bright, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Xtrov Realty!


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